Menu of Services Hair

Each service may vary in price from stylist to stylist.  Please call to verify your stylists' pricing.

Waxing                                                               Price Range

Eyebrow                                                                                                   $10-$20
Lip                                                                                                              $5-$15
Nostril                                                                                                       $10-$20
Chin                                                                                                          $10-$20


Women's Haircut                                                                                         $30-$60
Men's Haircut                                                                                              $15-$30
Child's Haircut (10& under)                                                                        $10-$20


Single Process Color                                                                                    $60-$85
Partial Weave                                                                                              $55-$100
Full Weave                                                                                                    $70-$150
15 Foils or Less                                                                                             $45-$75
Color Correction                                                                                            $30-$50/hr
Mens Color                                                                                                    $45-$80
Eyebrow Tint                                                                                                  $15-$20
Eyelash Tint                                                                                                    $15-$20


Eyelash Extensions                                                                                           $80-$100
Eyelash Extensions Fill                                                                                     $45-$65
Hair Extensions (consultation required)

Chemical Treatments

Permanent                                                                                                        $75-$150
Brocato Smoothing System (fermaldehyde free)                                           $150-$200


Blowdry/ Style                                                                                                  $20-$60
Up-do (consultation required)
Curling Iron Style                                                                                              $30-$50

Make Up

Bridal (consultation required)